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Built on 25+ Years of Emergency Medicine Expertise

Wellsoft EDIS offers an exceptional combination of features, experience and support to meet the needs of clinicians, IT and administrators.

Wellsoft EDIS automates processes in Emergency Departments and Freestanding Emergency Centers resulting in increased efficiency and patient throughput.

From patient tracking, clinical documentation, and CPOE, to discharge planning and results reporting, Wellsoft EDIS is easy-to-use, fast, and scalable. 

With Wellsoft EDIS

  • Access patient information - real-time
  • Exchange Home Medications and Allergies
  • Document with triage, nursing & physician templates
  • Place orders using CPOE
  • View results
  • Provide complete discharge documentation for patients
  • Comply with Meaningful Use (Ambulatory and/or Inpatient)

Product Overview