Products & Services

Built on 25+ Years of Emergency Medicine Expertise

Wellsoft EDIS offers an exceptional combination of features, experience and support to meet the needs of clinicians, IT and administrators.


Wellsoft's installation / implementation approach successfully meets the dynamic needs of clients in both single and multiple facility deployments in hospitals and freestanding emergency centers.

Each Wellsoft project team blends clinical and technical expertise. All Wellsoft project managers are experienced managers that work with the assigned team to handle all aspects of software customization and implementation.


Implementation & Training Services
Project Management

Wellsoft team members include a Project Lead as well as Clinical, Technical and Interface Liaisons.
Wellsoft Project Leads have clinical backgrounds and/or extensive project management experience. The team directs the outlined and agreed to implementation plan.

Workflow Analysis,
Design & Customization

Wellsoft EDIS is configured to tightly integrate into ED and FEC workflow.
Working with client staff, Wellsoft identifies clinical flow including triage process overview, registration process and the identification of site specific flows.

On-Site Implementation
& Consultative Services

Proven approach with a blend of clinical and technical expertise for site assessments, workflow analysis, tech checks and Go-Live suport.

Technical Support

Dedicated experts in execution of Cloud and/or Client Server deployments
Provides all things "technical", including detailed configuration consultation, site readiness checklists, and testing.

Interface Support

Design, development, testing & implementation of HL7 and other interfaces between Wellsoft EDIS, registration, lab/radiology, billing and other ancillary systems.


End User: Comprehensive, hands-on training follows the configured patient flow; is role based and is on client site. Users proficient within 1-3 shifts of using Wellsoft.

System Administrator: Includes installation, configuration and troubleshooting procedures.

Go-Live Support Wellsoft staff and client Super Users provide hands-on assistance during Go-Live.