Hospital EDs and FECs

Wellsoft provides EHR/EMR software solutions for hospital based emergency departments as well as freestanding emergency centers.

Support for Canadian ED Requirements

Canadian Emergency Department Information System (CEDIS)

  • Meets national, provincial and regional requirements for electronic information and tracking systems
  • Accommodates custom workflow and site requirements

Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS)

  • Meets CTAS criteria
  • Supports chief complaints defined by CEDIS
  • Supports paediatric subset of CEDIS chief complaints
  • Patient Visit Record with CTAS Score Integration
    - The ED patient’s unique visit information and CTAS value is sent to the hospital registration system via an outbound HL7 interface

Emergency Room National Ambulatory Initiative (ERNI)

  • Supports ERNI requirements, including Pay for Performance
  • Eliminates the need to manually capture, compile and report mandated data elements

EMS Notification and Update Protocol

  • Real time updates to Toronto EMS system
  • Location and status automatically updated and displayed

Patient Identification

  • Integration with Health Identification Cards
  • Emerg Patient “swipes” card and the patient encounter record is populated with
    - Health care id number, province of residency, and identification codes
  • Automatic merging of all previous demographic information
  • Automatic identification of presenting patient health indicators

Wait Time Reduction Initiative

  • Capture and report on all required data elements utilized by the province

Infection Control and Response

  • Dynamic updating of institutional protocols and forms to support Infection Control and system reporting
  • Incorporate the latest Ministry of Health guidelines in data capture and reporting

Canadian Experience