Why Wellsoft EDIS

More than just software

Wellsoft EDIS is designed to optimize efficiency and throughput in the emergency department while providing enhanced patient care for each care setting.

Why Wellsoft

For Managers

Key information and metrics are automatically captured and available for reporting, facilitating performance, change and improvement.

Every Wellsoft system

  • Captures timestamps and tracks patient wait and activity times at each step of the patient visit
  • Tracks patients from pre-admission through final disposition
  • Constantly updates patient data fields last intervention, evaluating clinicians, lab results, LOS, etc.
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Decreases turn-around-time
  • Improves patient throughput
  • Enhances patient care and safety
  • Ensures compliance and mitigates risk

Wellsoft EDIS provides access to real-time snapshots of what is happening in their center at any given moment. A real-time dashboard shows how many patients are waiting at each status, LOS for each area, patients by nurse, doctor or any other information selected.

For Administration

Wellsoft improves financial performance with increased patient through-put, improved revenue capture and reimbursement and reduction in liability.


  • Streamlines reporting
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Decreases liabilities
  • Increases accountability
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases revenue
  • Increases clinician satisfaction