Why Wellsoft EDIS

More than just software

Wellsoft EDIS is designed to optimize efficiency and throughput in the emergency department while providing enhanced patient care for each care setting.

Why Wellsoft

ONC-ACB Certification

ONC HIT 2014
Wellsoft EDIS can be used to help hospitals and urgent care centers achieve Meaningful Use.

Key features include:

  • CPOE

  • Clinical Decision Support

  • Transitions of Care – via CCD/CCDA

  • ePrescribing

  • Transmissions to Public Health Registries

  • Data Aggregation and Reporting via Wellsoft’s
    > Automated Measures Calculation Module
    > Clinical Quality Measures Calculation and Reporting Module

Type Company Name Product Name & Version ONC Certification Number Public Test Report
Inpatient Wellsoft Corporation Wellsoft EDIS v11


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Ambulatory Wellsoft Corporation Wellsoft EDIS v11 160006R00

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These EHR Modules are 2014 Edition compliant and have been certified by ICSA Labs in accordance with the applicable certification adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The additional types of costs that could be incurred by a purchaser of this system: Wellsoft® Corporation provides hospital Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers a perpetual, non-transferable license for its software system, providing an extremely broad range of features. The license is a one-time fee that includes software and interfaces. Implementation and training fees as well as recurring software support/maintenance fees apply. Select subscription fees are charged annually for 3rd party component options, when required. The certified product, Wellsoft EDIS v11, has no limitations and no additional costs that are passed onto the client for the purposes of attestation and certification using this system. There are no limitations of use in the exchange or portability of data generated in the course of using capabilities to which the technology is certified.

Wellsoft 2014 Edition – Inpatient – Certification Criterion, Quality Measures, Costs

Wellsoft 2014 Edition – Ambulatory – Certification Criterion, Quality Measures, Costs