Got eCTAS? Wellsoft Supports Canadian Hospital Clients with eCTAS Certification

Got eCTAS? Wellsoft Supports Canadian Hospital Clients with eCTAS Certification Imagine multiple patients arriving to an Emergency Department, and you are the person tasked with making a quick decision on which patients should be seen first. It’s a near impossible task, but everyday nurses must triage patients, sorting them by level of urgency, all while […]

Kingston Hospital ED

Improved ED Wait Times, Advanced Data Reporting, and the Role of Wellsoft EDIS at KHSC

“Progress is impossible without change…” – George Bernard Shaw. While change can sometimes be challenging, the leaders and staff at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) know that the right changes can lead to exciting progress. Last year, Hotel Dieu and Kingston General Hospitals made a big announcement – they would voluntarily integrate to form Kingston […]

Capital Health Wellsoft

Economics of an Emergency Department

From contract to go-live: the transformation and implementation of a big-bang EDIS installation for three hospitals. By Gene Grochala; Patricia Cavanaugh, RN, MSN; and Barbara Grande, RN, BS. Capital Health recently went through a transformation — merging two hospitals, opening a newly constructed hospital, renovating and upgrading existing facilities, adding new technology, transitioning one location […]

Canada Hospital ED

Improving ED performance at Hotel Dieu and Kingston General

BY TROY JONES, DR. PAUL DUNGEY, MIKE MCDONALD AND JULIE CAFFIN KINGSTON, ONT. – Every year, the Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) Urgent Care Centre and Kingston General Hospital (KGH) Emergency Department together provide care for more than 100,000 patients in Southeast- ern Ontario. Step by step we are address- ing our key goals of finding […]