What is an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)? Is it the same thing as an Emergency Department EHR?

According to the American College of Emergency Physician’s (ACEP) Policy on Health Information Technology, an Emergency Department Information System is an electronic health record (EHR) system designed specifically to manage data and workflow in support of Emergency Department patient care and operations. It is also referred to as an Emergency Department EHR, and can consist of a single application or multiple applications.

What is the difference between a Best-of-Breed EDIS and an Enterprise EDIS?

A Best-of-Breed EDIS is specifically designed to handle the unique, fast-paced environment of the hospital Emergency Department (ED); whereas an Enterprise EDIS is a hospital-wide EHR or a module within a Hospital Information System that is used for the Emergency Department. A hospital-wide EHR is typically designed to meet the needs of the inpatient setting, which when implemented in an ED, can negatively impact workflows, speed, accuracy, ease of use and flexibility.