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A better ED starts with a better EDIS.

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Wellsoft is a 2019 KLAS award winner and has been consistently recognized for being the #1 Emergency Department Information System (EDIS).

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Wellsoft EDIS is designed to enhance throughput, productivity, patient safety and revenue in Emergency Departments.

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Wellsoft is a 2018 Best in KLAS award winner and has been consistently recognized for being the #1 Emergency Department Information System (EDIS).

Is your hospital struggling with inefficiencies, poor performance or lost revenue in the Emergency Department (ED)? There's no room in the ER for a subpar EHR. Evaluate this comparison chart of Wellsoft vs. Competitors, and discover why Wellsoft EDIS is the #1 Emergency Department EHR in the U.S.


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Wellsoft has worked with a broad range of hospitals and healthcare settings over the past 30+ years. Our EDIS clients include:

Community Hospitals

Community HospitalsThe inherent speed, minimal IT overhead, and ease-of-use of Wellsoft EDIS is especially beneficial in busy Community Hospital Emergency Departments where overcrowding and bottlenecks can occur. By allowing clinicians to more easily provide appropriate care, it directly improves length of stay, patient satisfaction, and the overall quality of ED care. 

Rural/Critical Access Hospitals

Rural/Critical Access HospitalsYou have a lot of unique challenges – limited resources, staff who may be less comfortable with technology, smaller facilities, more at-risk patients, and smaller budgets. Wellsoft supports the unique needs of rural and critical access hospitals like yours, and will work closely with you to meet your individual needs and budget. As an added advantage, we can provide hosting and most—if not all—of the needed IT resources.

Multi-Location/Enterprise Health Systems

Multi-Location/Enterprise Health SystemsWellsoft EDIS addresses the specific needs of multi-facility organizations. A central feature is the Clinical Data Repository (CDR) module which houses copies of all Emergency Department visits from all facilities in the healthcare organization. This module can be accessed by select ED staff from each facility to retrieve patient clinical information in real time. It can also be used by administration for generating detailed reports for one or all EDs within the enterprise. Wellsoft Enterprise clients enjoy the benefits of software solutions tailored for each of their facilities while simultaneously harnessing the power of shared data.

Advanced Features. Powerfully Integrated.

Wellsoft offers a comprehensive Emergency Department software system with robust features designed to automate processes for increased efficiencies and patient throughput.

Not only can it be used to help hospitals and providers achieve Promoting Interoperability (previously Meaningful Use) and MIPS, but it’s also built to integrate with, and enhance the value of the systems you want to keep – HIS, other EHRs, HIEs, and ancillary systems. As integration experts, Wellsoft can work with any system to ensure a seamless workflow for clinicians.

  • Patient Tracking

    Information is presented in one display and is custom configured to tightly integrate into the workflow of your ED.

  • Clinical Documentation

    What you see is what you get – no extra steps are required to complete a chart.

  • Orders & Results

    With one-click CPOE orders are placed from any clinical display.

  • Reimbursement

    Capture more revenue through the generation of a more accurate, consistent and objective bill – completely supported by the medical record.

  • Risk Management/Clinical Decision Support

    Advanced tools built directly into Wellsoft EDIS and woven throughout.

  • Discharge Planning

    Easily coordinate the discharge process with integrated discharge instructions and ePrescribing.

  • Data Management

    Exceptional reporting from the collection of more than 2,000 data elements.

  • Touch-Enabled Technology

    Wellsoft Touch provides users with added flexibility through the use of touch-enabled technology.

  • Endless Configurability

    Our advanced configuration capabilities allow Wellsoft to easily adapt to YOUR workflow.

Information about Wellsoft’s certifications through the ONC’s Health IT Certification Program, including any existing additional types of costs can be found here.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

EDIS testimonial

Wellsoft is an exemplary platform—it is both well-designed and user-friendly. Beyond that the Wellsoft team has been responsive, professional, warm and technically savvy. Their abilities to tailor the EHR to our specific needs has made what may have been a difficult transition seamless.

Brittany Lamendola, BSN, RN, CEN, Emergency Department Manager at Holy Cross Hospital, NM