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KLAS Emergency Department EHR year after year?

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Wellsoft EDIS Rated #1 Best in KLAS Emergency Department EHR.

Top 6 Benefits of Wellsoft for Management and Administration

Efficient Workflow and
Enhanced Performance

  • Tailored to tightly integrate into your ED workflow through the utilization of best practices
  • Seamless integration with enterprise EHR, HIS, HIE and Ancillary Systems
  • Multi-disciplinary simultaneous charting
  • Simplified one screen CPO with Drug Calculator
  • Designed and implemented by ED Clinicians

Superior Revenue

  • Automated and advanced facility charge capture that allows billing for every dollar deserved
  • Automatically tracks infusion start and stop times within workflow
  • Professional charge capture automatically populates all billing codes (CPT, HCPCS, APC, ICD-10)
  • Determines the E&M level of service based on physician documentation, procedures, orders, results and final diagnosis
  • Decreases time to bill drop

Enhanced Patient Safety
and Satisfaction

  • Real-time, robust Risk Management/ Clinical Decision Support with written and visual alerts for clinicians
  • Decrease wait times and length of stay
  • Fewer elopements, walk outs, AMAs

Increased Clinician

  • Simplest system for documentation and clinician communication
  • One screen, fewer clicks means better adoption and happier staff
  • Easy-to-learn, with clinicians typically proficient on the system in 1-3 shifts

Exceptional, Streamlined

  • Key ED operational, quality and risk management information is automatically captured, time-stamped and available for reporting
  • Powerful data analytics and executive dashboard provide compelling insights
  • Provides detailed reports on compliance with Meaningful Use and clinical quality programs
  • Advanced database structure and interoperability tools unlock data for sharing (CDC disease tracking, population health, etc.)
  • Exportable to Excel and other BI tools to support combined reporting requirements
  • Electronic reporting options to provide real-time information to hospital leaders

Advanced Integration and Interoperability

  • Integrates seamlessly with EHR and HIS platforms, HIEs, as well as ancillary systems
  • Built on scalable and flexible architecture using HL7 and emerging health data standards
  • Our integration experts can work with any system to ensure a seamless workflow for clinicians

Wellsoft has something for everyone:

ED Managers/Directors

Access real-time snapshots of what’s happening in your Emergency Department at any given moment. The Wellsoft EDIS dashboard shows how many patients are waiting at each status, LOS for each area, patients by nurse or doctor, etc.

Hospital Administrators

Wellsoft EDIS has an immediate, positive impact on the efficiency of ED operations, with demonstrated Return on Investment. Advanced data analytics and an executive reporting dashboard help you establish a baseline, then track, refine and improve your Emergency Department’s performance with data collected and extracted from within Wellsoft EDIS.

Financial Officers

Wellsoft EDIS supports the ability to calculate the current facility level of service, capture all supply charges, as well as automatically populate all billing codes (CPT, HCPCS, APC, ICD-10) for professional charge capture. We enable faster, more efficient and precise charge captures, including our unparalleled infusion charge capture that automatically tracks start and stop times.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

EDIS testimonial

Wellsoft is an exemplary platform—it is both well-designed and user-friendly. Beyond that the Wellsoft team has been responsive, professional, warm and technically savvy. Their abilities to tailor the EHR to our specific needs has made what may have been a difficult transition seamless.

Brittany Lamendola, BSN, RN, CEN, Emergency Department Manager at Holy Cross Hospital, NM